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A Yogi's Diary

by | Jan 29, 2022

A good listener can gather many insights from another’s person’s words
By Lalitha Viswanath

My journey as a true seeker of Yoga began 20 years ago and continues to this day as it continually opens a world of knowledge to me on a myriad subjects. Much like any other teenager, I was initially introduced to the Asana practice, in my case, primarily to improve my eyesight, gain better focus and attain a calm state of mind.

With time came the yearning to the know Yoga in depth, learning Yoga philosophy, its ancient wisdom and supporting disciplines.

This led me into a new world, where I discovered the power of the mind-body connection. The meaning of the word ’Yoga’ changed from what I had known until then as a merely physical form of exercise, into its real essence which is ‘a way of life’, ‘a happy and peaceful state of mind’. This brought home to me the realization that it requires a healthy body and a sound mind to function with complete efficiency.

My daily practice of Asanas, my in-depth learning of the philosophy behind it and my teaching others in turn, prompted me to explore the areas of Osteopathy, Pranic and Reiki healing. I went on to sharpen my skill sets in these areas and it helps me now to serve my community by using an integrated approach of Yoga with Osteopathic principles.

Transformation from a Yogi at Home to a Yogi-preneur! In 2017, Pratimoksha – Enlighten Yoga Center was established to serve the health needs of the residents of the UAE. My life took a very different turn, from that of a simple yogi’s life to that of an entrepreneur. The transition from a strict Yoga practitioner to an irregular practitioner was so fast, often-times inevitable and almost always unacceptable for me. As a natural result, when one’s focus is on multiple activities it eventually pushes ‘health and wellness’ to the backburner!

A Cold Welcome to a Corporate Lifestyle! Revelation after revelation exposed me to the various challenges of the corporate world. Following a healthy lifestyle being one of the most difficult. Despite knowing the importance of Yoga, meditation and relaxation and its impact on the body-mind complex, I began skipping my health routines consistently until, one day I was diagnosed with the onset of Arthritis. Yes, knowing it all is not the key, the application is what matters, and it speaks volumes! The result of my compromises? Painful knees, cluster headaches, muscle knots and what not… .                               

A Tip of the Iceberg! Just four years into this fast-paced world came the growing realization of what corporates must be going through on a daily basis — compromising their health for the sake of career growth.

A Wake-up Call! I have now decided to prioritize myself once again! I have restarted my routines, practising them just like I did many years ago. The traditional and complete detox routine called Shat Karma was my first step, following it up by scheduling Back to Asana Practices like a young teenager. Once again, I feel good although it’s going to be a journey of at least 3-4 months to get back to my old form. But like they say it’s ‘better late than never’!

Every individual has some insightful information to share with others. This is my piece of advice for you: invest your time and effort in activities that fetch happiness, a healthy body and a sound mind. Take care of your body and mind before it rings health alarms. If your health is good, that is true wealth, and it will help you secure your finances and future too.

Can you relate to this storyline? Well then, it’s time to take action!

Do NOT be late! You’ll miss the beauty of life. Catch it before it’s gone!


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