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Dhyana (meditation) is a state of mind when one truly and totally dissolves into a state of high focus. In popular terms, it is often called ‘being in the zone’ — a state of flow. This is only possible when the mind is absolutely under one’s control.

In Yoga, one often imagines a Yogi seated crossed-legged, deep within a forest, or at the foot of a steep and majestic mountain, eyes closed, palms resting on the knees, fingers in a hand mudra (gesture). A halo seems to surround his body and his often shorn head. Well, that is how ancient Indian sages sat in meditation, and there may still be many Yogis who sit in contemplation like this.

Nonetheless, it is but one way to practice meditation. Whenever we are totally absorbed in an activity that interests us and has our whole attention, we are in a state of meditation. This ability to maintain unswerving attention in any activity is the secret of success. This practice becomes a powerful tool for a practitioner to conquer oneself and transcend beyond the realm of human consciousness. Pratimoksha, the Yoga Alliance US accredited yoga studio offers meditation classes for all ages.

Highlights of Dhyana & Beyond:

  • Highly-qualified and experienced teachers help steer the individual into a state of pure consciousness, using the various disciplines of Yoga;
  • Lessons explain and emphasize a deeper understanding of the techniques of Dhyana practice and the science behind it;
  • You get the best of both, group motivation and individual attention, since groups are small with a maximum of 6 only.

What’s UNIQUE about Us:

  • We begin our sessions with various meditative practices; specific practices are recommended depending on the individual’s nature and state of mind;
  • Students are comprehensively guided as to how to apply the essence of the Dhyana practices into their daily activities;
  • Practice schedules are provided that include simple Asanas, Pranayama and Dhyana practices;
  • By the end of the course we wish to see you independent with the practices and backed by a thorough understanding of the disciplines that help transform oneself inside out;
  • Short lectures are given on positive affirmations, character purification, personality development, right diet and other topics to help in the art of mind management.

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