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Yoga therapy

Yoga Therapy





Flexibility | Stress reduction | Mental & Emotional well being
A Typical YOGA Session
8 min
Warm Up
8 min
8 min
Warm Up
8 min

Explore the benefits of Yoga Therapy
“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.”
— Paracelsus

Health is a state of ‘be-ing’ where one is both physically and mentally in harmony and at the optimum state of functioning. It is important for every individual to understand the fact that healing is a process of the self, through the self, and by the self alone. And this happens only when one desires to be healthy and seek a solution which is long term. A dis-ease is a state that intrudes when this state of ‘be-ing’ is interrupted. Therefore, it is necessary that one must probe into the causes of ill-health and address the issue from the roots.

Our Yoga Therapy sessions help individuals understand and address the concerns from the roots and provide schedules and practices that help them work towards healthy living.

Therapeutic Yoga lessons are customized for those suffering from a variety of issues such as chronic back pain, stiff neck, insomnia or any kind of stress-related issues. The therapy classes consist of therapeutic exercises along with other Yogic disciplines. Our experienced team motivates and helps mentor the individual to bring about changes in lifestyle, thereby restoring wellness.

With time, once the individual feels that he/she is close to optimum health, he/she is motivated to join a small group lesson which will push their confidence to the next level. Our safe, hygienic and healing ambience is an absolute treat for those who wish to regain their health and vitality and also for those who just wish to refresh themselves after a tired day’s work.

Yoga Therapy is for people suffering from:

High blood pressure

Back pain






Neck Pain

The minimum number of therapy sessions required to bring about a change in the condition is 10 sessions. More sessions may be required depending on the individual and how chronic the condition is.


24 Sessions



Session Duration

60 Minutes

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