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8 min

Pre-natal yoga program

“Motherhood is a beautiful gift of the Universe”Embrace the golden moments of motherhood from the time of conception and the endless journey beyond. However, the journey is a challenging one as the priorities begin to change from a uni-focused to a multi-focused routine that requires both physical and mental well-being. Today, couples most often don’t have the support systems of the past — parents and extended family — dealing with day-to-day challenges of this new phase of life, even while striving for a work-life balance.

For mothers-to-be who are looking for a complete transformation, Pratimoksha is the place that will care for you and listen to you. It’s most definitely the place you want to be in!

We provide personalized sessions and a unique experience for those who are anxious, stressed and at the same time excited to step into a new world of motherhood.

Pre-natal Yoga sessions have been split into 3 phases and are based on the trimester that the expecting mother is in. Our highly-qualified teachers are patient and caring, and at the same time they encourage their student to achieve their milestones.

It is indeed a unique journey for every mother-to-be. And therefore our Pre-natal yoga programs are offered as individual sessions, addressing every need of the mother and the couple, preparing them to receive their bundle of joy while in a state of optimum health in mind and body.

Take out your stress and tensions of pregnancy period with Pre-natal yoga sessions with Pratimoksha! We are here to help you for a happy motherhood.




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60 Minutes

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