Prana & Beyond

A Pratimoksha program that harnesses the power of the breath

Prana & Beyond





Flexibility | Stress reduction | Mental & Emotional well being
A Typical YOGA Session
8 min

Warm Up

8 min

Breathing Exercise

8 min

Motivational Talk

8 min
“tasmin sati shvasa prashvsayoh gati vichchhedah pranayamah”

Did you know that Pranayama or breath control is all about managing your emotions? Have you observed your breath when you are worried or upset? That’s right, it becomes labored or fast depending upon your mood at that point of time.

Prana & Beyond is the next level in our signature programs (Beyond Courses) tailor-made for the serious learner. As its name suggests, it takes the student to the next level of Yogic practices that help channelize one’s energies.

Highlights of Prana & Beyond:

60 minute yoga classes twice a week

Receive Notes & Practice Schedules

Sessions begin with therapeutic exercises

Analyze the individual structure

customizing to an individual’s requirement.

Intake of maximum 6 in a group

What’s UNIQUE About Us:

Each one of us is different by nature and constitution and hence the practice of Pranayama too is customized to individual needs

We begin our sessions with preparatory exercises that help increase the vital capacity of the lungs, thereby enabling a learner to comfortably achieve breath control

A body type analysis is conducted on the basis of Ayurvedic principles; imbalances are thus identified, and solutions are provided to the individual so they can optimize their potential

Practice schedules are provided periodically so students can build their own regular home practice

By the end of the course we wish to see you independent with your own safe and comprehensive practice

Short lectures are given on positive affirmations, character purification, personality development, right diet and other topics to help in the art of mind management.

Want to know more about our signature Yoga course— Prana and Beyond

This yoga course is progressive and prepares the individual through various breathing exercises that increase the holding power of the lungs, thereby optimizing its capacity. Detox routines that clear the nasal cavities are taught, making way for the smooth flow of ‘prana’ or ‘life force’ into the body.

Deep breathing is a simple technique that helps restore depleted oxygen. So why not make it your daily practice routine? This way you will not only develop good health and immunity, but also remain calm and focused in your daily activities.

When the flow of breath is at ease, the mind becomes stable and finds ease. The controlled flow of breath or this vital energy is called Pranayama. Therefore, ‘pranayama’ is a healing technique for the mind-body complex aimed at restoring vitality. An in-depth knowledge of ‘Prana’ and its connect to the ‘subtle body’ is required for the practice of Pranayama. 

Join the Yoga Alliance US accredited yoga center for your pranayama sessions. 

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