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Flexibility | Stress reduction | Mental & Emotional well being
A Typical YOGA Session
8 min
Warm Up
8 min
8 min

Body Type Analysis

8 min


According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the ancient book of Yoga written in the 15th Century CE, the body is thought of as a ‘pot’ that holds within it the mind and the soul. It begins its sacred journey, moving through various cleansing techniques that purify the body and prepare the mind for higher practices.

Our Body & Mind course is a combination of Ayur, Chakra and Detox Yoga that focuses on the cleansing of one’s body and mind.

Ayur Yoga focuses on cleansing practices and asanas that eliminate the ‘ama’ or toxins from the body. The practices are taught with great care, providing the right procedures and protocols with safety being the foremost consideration.

The Chakras, otherwise called the energy centers of the body, are like transformers, helping to amplify our energies. The Chakras get blocked when we fall sick or go through various stressful situations. Therefore, it is important that we keep a check on our emotional states by becoming mindful of ourselves, our surroundings, lifestyle, our food habits, so on and so forth.

Body & Mind is a well-crafted course that addresses the daily challenges of our lives, thereby promoting a positive state of mind and good health. Although, it may appear difficult to initiate these routines, it becomes very simple and easy once the benefits of these practices are experienced in the form of good health and well-being.

Highlights of Mind & Body:

  • 60-minute classes, twice a week;
  • Our highly-qualified and experienced team of teachers helps guide students into a higher state of consciousness through a combination of asanas, breath work and meditation;
  • Through short lectures, students are given a better understanding of Yogic philosophy and discipline that underpins all the practices, both physical and meditative;
  • Small group sizes —a maximum of 6 students in a class — means one gets the benefit of individual attention as well as group motivation.


24 Sessions



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60 Minutes

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