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Our Belief: A teacher appears when the student is ready; a teacher disappears when the student is truly ready –Lao Tse

Pratimoksha’s Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dubai stands out as a premier program for those aspiring to deepen their yoga practice and teach others. Accredited by the US-based Yoga Alliance International, this course is designed to cultivate skilled and knowledgeable yoga instructors. Under the expert guidance of Yoga Acharya Ms. Lalitha Viswanath, a distinguished figure with extensive experience in the yogic discipline, participants will embark on a comprehensive journey through yoga’s multifaceted landscape.

The course offers both weekend and weekday formats, accommodating the varied schedules of its participants. It delves deeply into the study of human anatomy and physiology, applied aspects of these subjects, and the philosophical underpinnings of yoga that date back to the Vedas. The inclusion of Therapeutic Yoga highlights the program’s recognition of yoga as a potent alternative healing modality. Moreover, the course emphasizes practical, class-based experience and psychological training, equipping future teachers to confidently address diverse client needs. With easy payment plans and a focus on value for money, Pratimoksha’s Yoga Teacher Training Course in Dubai represents not just an educational opportunity, but a transformational experience that promises to enrich both personal and professional aspects of a student’s life. This alignment with the city’s dynamic and diverse environment makes it a unique and invaluable addition to Dubai’s educational landscape.

Course Highlights

Weekend Course / Weekdays Course

Detailed Study of Anatomy & Physiology, Applied A&P

Detailed Study of Yoga Philosophy

Therapeutic Yoga as an alternative healing modality

Easy Payment Plans and Value for Money Investment

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