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Pratimoksha Yoga Teacher’s Training Course

 Course Highlights

*Weekend Course / Weekdays Course

**Detailed Study of Anatomy & Physiology, Applied A&P

**Detailed Study of Yoga Philosophy

***Therapeutic Yoga as an alternative healing modality

***Easy Payment Plans and Value for Money Investment

Introduction to One of the Best Yoga Teacher’s Training Course in Dubai

Our Belief:   A teacher appears when the student is ready; a teacher disappears when the student is truly ready –Lao Tse

The Pratimoksha Yoga Teacher’s Training Course is arguably the crown jewel of our course offerings. Our Yoga TTC program offers the student a chance to make a difference in his or her community. The courses are enriched by the immense knowledge and experience of Yoga Acharya Ms. Lalitha Viswanath who leads the team. The teaching team is supported by well-qualified professionals and have sound knowledge in every discipline of Yogic Tradition. The students learn human anatomy, physiology, and the philosophy of Yoga harking back to the Vedas. The training includes Theoretical knowledge complemented by practical class-based experience and psychological training. This approach helps a teacher handle all types of clients with confidence and ease.

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

The RYT 500 Pratimoksha Teachers’ Training Course (TTC) is a 500 Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course that takes an in-depth look at ancient Yoga philosophy, its mental and physical applications, together with basic Human Anatomy, Functional and Applied. In addition, the students also are trained for Yoga therapy that would help them deal with various issues and concerns presented by the clients. The 500-hour teacher’s training course is comprehensive and holistic in its approach enabling teacher trainees to safely teach and modify Yoga practices to suit their students/clients’ needs.

It is the best Yoga Teacher’s training course which is accredited by the US-based Yoga Alliance and registered for RYS500. The course goes deep into the ancient Indian science of Yoga and studies the discipline from its very foundations. This is to help the Yoga teacher trainees understand its essence and how today’s Yoga teachers can adopt a practical approach to suit modern needs. The course encompasses Yogic studies and its relationship with a human consciousness that helps deal with stress-related disorders and psychosomatic illnesses.

The course includes practical lessons to build confidence in the trainees and fine-tune their Asanas. In its entirety, the course helps the student transform into value-based Yoga Acharyas. Despite the intensity of the course, it nevertheless takes a fun approach to study with games and team-building exercises. The course duration is 6-8 months.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

RYT 200 course provides you an incredible opportunity to learn and understand the ancient Yoga philosophy, its mental and physical applications, together with basic Human Anatomy, Functional, and Applied. Pratimoksha Yoga Teacher’s Training Course is a unique and carefully designed Course that looks into every aspect of moulding an individual into a Competent Yoga Teacher.  This course is accredited by the US-based Yoga Alliance and registered for RYS200. The duration of RYT 200 is 3- 4 months.

Join our TTC program for a life changing experience.


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