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Flexibility | Stress reduction | Mental & Emotional well being
A Typical YOGA Session
8 min
Warm Up
8 min

Chair Yoga

8 min

Breathing Exercise

8 min


In our fast-paced lives, we don’t realize (until it’s too late) how stress slowly creeps up and takes over our minds and bodies. Long working hours, poor eating habits, the long commute times, deadlines to meet, families to balance — is it any wonder that lifestyle-related diseases are on the rise in our communities?

Highlights of Beyond @ work-

3 months course for a group of corporate

Each session of 60 minutes conducted twice a week.

Customized course module to suit corporate from various professional backgrounds.

Beyond @ work includes the practice of strengthening exercises, Breathing and Pranayama along with simple meditation techniques.

Beyond@Work is Pratimoksha’s attempt arrest this corporate trend and support organizations who are trying their best to help employees minimize stress so as to boost productivity, wellness and happiness at work. The program includes strengthening exercises, breath work, asanas and meditation, all of which are beneficial to reduce stress, work pressure and achieve a sense of control and balance.

The benefits of our program include higher job satisfaction, productivity, reduced stress and anxiety and a huge boost to company morale.

Short talks on solutions to handle daily stress, Positive affirmations, mindful eating, and other relaxation techniques are an integral part of the course.

Corporate Yoga program is one of its kind designed for tired, fatigued and stressed executives, and is not just an event for the corporate.

Beyond@Work is one of its kind, designed to cater to the needs of tired and stressed executives; the classes gather pace and over the course of 3 months bring about positive and lasting change. We believe that corporate health is vital and cannot be reduced to a one-off CSR event.

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