Yoga for Corporate Employees

Yoga for Corporate Employees

Studies show that on average an individual spends one-third of his lifetime at workspace!!

The major challenge that every organization comes over when striving hard to achieve their desired goal is dealing with stress and employee happiness. Stress can affect the personal and professional lives of employees and can lead to poor performance and various health issues like Hypertension, Depression, and so on…

A successful Career will be the focal point of many professionals during their work phase with the least consideration of health. We acknowledge that the priorities of professionals may vary but would like to bring to your attention that health needs to be prioritized in your bucket list because “health is wealth”.

Stress stimulating factors in the Workplace

Long working hours
Tight deadlines and Targets
Major Changes in the organization
More tasks and projects
consistent working without intervals
Fear of Termination
Unhealthy relation with colleagues or management

Research shows that health and well-being programs have a positive impact on employees:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased Self-esteem & self-confidence
  • Reduced stress/anxiety & depression
  • Reduced sitting posture-related issues

How to Manage your workplace stress?

Take a 15-minute break and practice Simple Yoga postures and Simple Breathing exercises to refresh your mind & body.  Breathing exercises will boost your concentration and productivity.

We are glad to organize a ONE-HOUR Yoga session in your esteemed organization to help employees in dealing with work-related physical and mental health issues. Join us for the corporate wellness program. Talk to our team to know more about corporate Yoga.

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