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Your search for traditional and unique Yoga classes in Dubai brings you to Pratimoksha. Pratimoksha means ‘towards enlightenment’. And our efforts are to help you realize the best version of yourself, gaining in inner knowledge and wisdom throughout your journey.

The word Yoga in Sanskrit means “union” — the unity of body, mind and spirit. As we all know Yoga is far ‘beyond’ a mere weight-loss program or a routine work-out program. It is way beyond just contorting yourself into various postures.

Yoga is a deep science, backed by a philosophy that has a 5,000-year legacy. It involves certain disciplines that integrate the mind into every action and underpins the asanas or postures that help you achieve physical and mental control.

Therefore, Yoga is more of a lifestyle than just a mere exercise routine.

At Pratimoksha, we take you through our unique Yoga courses specifically designed for physical and mental wellness.

How Pratimoksha stands out from other Yoga classes in Dubai

‘Pratimoksha’ is a concept that evolved from years of Yogic discipline and practice. Pratimoksha courses offered at our center have been carefully crafted to help you dive deep into the ocean of Yogic sciences. Our courses are well adapted to assist people from various walks of life.

As we all know Yoga is ‘Beyond’ a weight-loss program or a usual work out program. It is a way beyond putting yourself in various postures. Yoga is a deep science that involves certain disciplines that integrate the mind into every action. Therefore, YOGA is more of a LifeStyle than just a mere exercise routine. Pratimoksha’s yoga program consists of a range of techniques including asanas (postures), breathing exercises and meditation derived from some of the philosophies, teachings and practices of the Yoga School.

Are you ready to experience yoga as it was meant to be? We, at Pratimoksha, Dubai, guide you beyond fitness routines and into a transformative practice for your body, mind, and spirit. Our name, “Pratimoksha”, means ‘towards enlightenment’, and reflects our dedication to your personal journey of self-discovery.

What You’ll Discover at Pratimoksha

  • The true meaning of “union”: Experience how yoga integrates your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Ancient wisdom for modern life: Harness the power of yoga’s 5,000-year-old legacy for stress-relief, focus, and inner peace.
  • Personalized practice: Our carefully designed courses cater to your individual needs, regardless of your experience level.

Why Choose Pratimoksha

  • Go beyond fitness, embrace a lifestyle
  • Find balance and clarity
  • Learn from experienced teachers steeped in traditional yoga

Ready to begin? Explore our Yoga class offerings in Dubai and take the first step on your path towards a more fulfilling life.


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