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The word Yoga in Sanskrit means “Union”, the unity of body, mind and spirit.  A philosophy that had a long legacy of 5000 years is associated with various Asanas or Postures practised to gain physical and mental control. We take you through our unique yoga courses designed for physical and mental wellness.

Explore the yoga course that suits you – Our Signature Courses

‘Yogaschitta Vritti NiroDhah’ is one of the opening sutras in Sage Patanjali’s Yoga Darshana – Yoga is the ceasing of modifications of the mind-matter. This Portrays that the highest goal of the yoga practises is the Stillness of the mind. Our emotions play a vital role and therefore, it is important to manage them by becoming mindful. The first two limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga Talks about character building and self disciplines required to gain control over five senses.

The Yoga Just beyond Asanas…. 

The Beyond Courses is our premium course, which focuses on taking an individual gradually through the various limbs of Yoga leading towards ‘Moksha’ or freeing oneself from stressful states of mind. It is not enough to practice just the Yoga Asanas and must go ‘Beyond’ to unfold the true potentials of oneself.

The course is unique in Dubai and includes every aspect of yogic disciplines that are required for a complete lifestyle change. Our teachers are professionally qualified and help customize the course to suit individual needs.

The beyond courses are suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners who wish to delve deeper into this ancient healing science. Our courses are conducted in small groups of a maximum of 6 individuals. Learn Yoga the Pratimoksha Way – Transform and transcend

asana and beyond - yoga course

Asana & Beyond

prana and beyond - yoga course in dubai

Prana & Beyond

Corporate yoga in Dubai

Beyond @ Work

 Our Unique Yoga Workshops

According to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the ancient book of Yoga written during the 15th Century CE, the body is considered as a ‘Pot’ and that holds the mind and the Soul. They begin the sacred Journey through various cleansing techniques that purify the body and prepare the mind for higher practices. Although, it may appear difficult to initiate these routines, It becomes very simple and easy once the benefits of these practices are experienced in the form of good health and well-being.

The ‘AYUR’ Yoga is a one month course that focuses on cleansing practices.  Asanas eliminate the ‘Ama’ or toxins out of the body. These are taught with great care, providing the right procedures and the protocols that help one safely practise the routines. This can be followed by the Signature Course ‘PRANA & BEYOND’ as the next level of the learning process.

The ‘CHAKRAS’ or otherwise called the energy centers are like the transformers of our body which help in amplifying our energies. These get blocked when we fall sick or go through various stressful situations. Therefore, it is important that we keep a check on our emotional plane by becoming mindful of ourselves, our surroundings, lifestyle, our food habits so on and so forth. This short program is for a month and is handcrafted to address the daily challenges of our lives, thereby promoting a positive state of mind and good health. This program can be opted for before undertaking the meditative path   ‘DHYANA & BEYOND’.

The ultimate goal of any human being is to connect to our innate nature which is happiness and peace. For this purpose alone is the Path of Raja Yoga. Meditation is a state of mind, where one slips into when there is absolute freedom from physical, emotional and mental attachments. ‘DHYANA & BEYOND’ is a comprehensive program that caters to a variety of natured people. One size may not fit for all and therefore, this month course is unique in its own way helping people from various walks of life attain the inner bliss.

Learn Yoga the Pratimoksha Way – Transform and transcend

Ayur Yoga Dubai

Ayur Yoga

Chakra Yoga - Yoga course in Dubai

Chakra Yoga

Signature yoga Courses - Dhyana and beyond

Dhyana & Beyond

 Our Special yoga Classes

The Teen Yoga

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”

                                                                                                        — Albert Einstein

Increasingly we notice the change in the behaviour and the reaction of the present young generation when it comes to facing the odds out. Anxiety, panic attacks, peer pressure, examination fears etc, have become the jargon of teenagers and parents. What we are doing to help them face the challenges? Are we preparing them enough to respond rather than react? What is success to a child and at what cost does it come?  With these in mind, Yoga for teens has become the need of the hour for our youth, with a strong belief that the future we leave behind for them is peaceful, happy and healthy.

Our Teen Yoga Course is a fun program that addresses every teenager’s concern, thereby emphasizing the importance of leading a ‘value-based’ life.


Therapeutic Yoga

“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” Paracelsus


Health is a state of ‘be-ing’ where one is both physically and mentally in harmony and at the optimum state of functioning. It is important for every individual to understand the fact that healing is a process of the self, through the self, and by the self alone. And this happens only when one desires to be healthy and seek a solution which is long term. A dis-ease is a state that intrudes when this state of Be-in is interrupted. Therefore, it is necessary that one must probe into the cause of ill-health and address the issue from the roots.

Our Therapeutic session’s help the individuals understand and address the concerns from the roots and provide schedules and practices that help them work towards a healthy living.


The Prenatal Yoga

“Motherhood is a beautiful gift of the Universe”

Embrace the golden moments of motherhood from the time of conception and the endless journey Beyond…However, it is a challenging one as the priorities begin to change from a uni-focused to a multi-focused routine that requires both physical and mental well being. Today, the support systems have skewed down to the fact that it is just the couples who have to deal the day to day challenges in order to restore the work-life balance.

It is indeed a unique journey for every mother to be, and therefore our Prenatal programs are offered as individual sessions, addressing every need of the mother and the couple, preparing them to receive the bundle of joy with open arms, together.





Teen yoga course in Dubai

Teen Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga course in Dubai

Therapeutic Yoga

Prenatal yoga training in Dubai

Prenatal Yoga