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by | Aug 29, 2020

What is Immunity?

Immunity is protection from diseases, the ability to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells. The immune system is incredibly complicated and utterly vital for our survival. Several different systems and cell types work in perfect synchrony (most of the time) throughout the body to fight off pathogens and clear up dead cells.

We know that the immune system is different for all. When you are in the mother’s womb, antibodies are formed through the placenta and after birth through breast milk. This is called passive immunity and it protects the baby from some infections as long as the breastfeeding is on.

As the Infant grows, he is prone to various kinds of bacterial or viral infections. Therefore, Immunizations are provided in the form of vaccines. As the child grows up to a teenager followed by adulthood, he becomes stronger. The exposure to more pathogens develops more immunity and is called Adaptive Immunity.

As an adult, we develop certain kinds of resistance which are due to the genetic factors, also known as the regional conditions. For example, certain races or communities are resistant to a specific bacteria or Virus which may invade certain other races who are not the natural Inhabitants of that region. This is known as Natural Immunity or Innate Immunity.

 Emotionally Weak are More Susceptible

Researchers are yet to conclude about the fact whether it is the compromise in the immune system that causes mental ill health or it is mental ill-health that causes the immune system to fail.  We can conclude that they do have an impact on each other. Poor mental health and emotional weakness lowers the resistance and causes increased susceptibility to illness. The primary stress hormone called Cortisol increases blood sugars and enhances the brain’s use of glucose in order to prepare the body for a fight or flight situation.

But, what happens if you’re under constant stress and the alarm button stays on?

It can lead to quick weight gain, worn-out skin, Insomnia, Weak muscles, High Blood Sugar levels and many other health problems.

Role of Yoga

This is where the Practice of Yoga Scores notches above other Physical Activities. Although the Practice of Yoga Asanas is much like any other form of Exercise, it is way beyond Just Exercises. The Yoga Asanas if Practised with the right breathing, integrated with a peaceful and relaxed state of mind is an absolute treat for the Body, Mind and Soul.

The practice of Yoga Disciplines helps lower stress hormones like Cortisol. Yoga is not just the Practice of Asanas or Exercises. It is a comprehensive practice which includes Mindful Eating, Balanced lifestyle, Mind Management, Meditative Practices, Breathing Practices and Exercises. All of the above are equally necessary for developing physical, emotional and mental immunity. Yoga is more ‘A way of healthy living’!



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