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Our signature Yoga class – Asana & Beyond

Highlights of Asana & Beyond:

75 minutes yoga classes twice a week

40 sessions with an additional 8 sessions provided as make-up classes

The students receive periodic notes and practice schedules for their home practice.

Every session includes 10 minutes of motivational talks that help students to understand how crucial the mind-body dynamic is in achieving one’s goals.

Know more about our signature yoga course

The Signature Yoga Course is unique as it offers a traditional, authentic, holistic and therapeutic approach towards assisting students in achieving a complete lifestyle change.

Weight-loss, which is high up on the list for almost every person in Dubai, is achieved as a r­­­­­­­esult of the lifestyle changes that the student puts in place under the guidance of his/her teachers.

As its name suggests, Asana & Beyond takes the student beyond the physical posture, with the aim of showing them that Yoga is not just about postures, but is in fact a holistic way of life.

The style of Yoga is Hatha Yoga, incorporating both static and dynamic postures and vinyasas. These are customized as per the student’s individual body structure and body type. The body type is assessed based on the Ayurvedic principles of balancing doshas or elements.

 Signature Yoga CourseAsana & Beyond takes the student through preparatory exercises that are grouped into strengthening and stretching sets; moving onto the actual Asanas or postures, which are attained step by step with safety always being the most important factor kept in mind.

Our teachers are well-qualified professionals with years of dedicated experience in Yoga. Enlighten Yoga center is one of the best yoga studios in Dubai for people of all ages. We welcome you to experience the transformation that Asana & Beyond can help you achieve.