What are the Benefits of Online Yoga?

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by | Mar 21, 2021

As we face down a pandemic, we are constantly challenged on how to be disciplined, motivated and consistent in all aspects of our life. Most of the external structures we relied on to establish a daily routine — office, school, gym, Yoga studio etc — have faced huge disruptions. Nowhere has this lack of consistency been felt more acutely than in our exercise regimens. And this goes for Yoga class as well.
But remember that old proverb: ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’? So if you are determined to be regular with your Yoga practice there is help at hand in the form of online yoga courses and classes.
Yoga is the ancient practice of integrating body and mind through various poses (asanas), meditation and breathing exercises. Earlier, yogis used to practice Yoga in the open air and in close association with mother nature. However, today the practice of Yoga has shifted indoors within gyms and studios. And since the start of the pandemic, it is increasingly being offered online, with Yoga teachers embracing digital platforms.
Transporting an age-old practice into an online space may leave you wondering whether you are losing out on its authenticity and spirit. Well, although the arrangement is not ideal, it has its benefits.

Highly accessible

Faced as we are with a virus that thrives on human proximity, most of us are wary of returning to gyms and exercise studios. Besides, working from
home, our children’s online classes etc mean that we have to constantly juggle our personal schedules. In this scenario trying to reach your Yoga studio, located maybe on the other side of town, will be the last thing on your minds. This is where online classes makes things easier for you. With a good internet connection, and some motivation and discipline, you can easily continue to perfect your downward dog and Surya Namaskars. For beginners, online classes provide a taste of Yoga and what’s involved. So although online Yoga classes may have gained popularity due to the pandemic and the unique circumstances we found ourselves in, it has succeeded in making Yoga more accessible to the masses.

Save on time

When you practice in the comfort of your home, without having to commute to the center, you naturally save on time. Select days and times that suit you, if you are choosing live classes, and then go ahead and roll out your mat at the scheduled time. Otherwise you can even select pre-recorded classes and follow along whenever you find some time. Browse and choose the class that you feel like diving into, depending on what your body is craving for on any given day. This can truly feel empowering, liberating and deeply satisfying. We all love choice. Perhaps you are a busy home-maker or maybe you are an entrepreneur, or maybe a busy employee, online Yoga offers an abundance of options and solutions for the modern-day Yogi.

Your comfort matters

Perhaps you are new to Yoga and feel a little self-conscious in a studio. Perhaps you feel intimidated or find it hard to focus in a room full of other people. Online classes enable you to develop your practice in a comfortable environment whilst having the support of a teacher right there with you. Whether you are an advanced yogi looking to take your practice to the next level, or a total beginner — having the space to build your own relationship with Yoga makes it a deeply personal and nourishing experience.
So what are you waiting for? Start an online Yoga practice today.
Note: Pratimoksha offers online programs including a class on online breathing exercises that helps boost lung capacity, thereby improving one’s immunity during the pandemic.
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