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by | May 1, 2024

Yoga: Your Pregnancy Companion – Simple Moves for a Healthy Journey

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Now, let’s dive into some simple, safe yoga poses! But remember:

  • Doctor’s Approval: Always consult your doctor before starting new exercise.
  • Expert Guidance: A qualified instructor ensures safety and tailors workouts to your needs. This is especially important during pregnancy.

Sukshma Vyayama: Gentle Joint Care

Sukshma Vyayama (“subtle exercise”) is perfect for anyone, regardless of fitness level. It gently moves each joint, keeping them supple and releasing stress.

  • Sit comfortably, spine straight, shoulders relaxed.
  • Start with toes: squeeze and release, then flex and point.
  • Continue with ankle rotations and other joint movements.

3 Must-Try Yoga Poses

Important: Don’t strain! Consistent practice will improve your flexibility.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose): A foundation for strength and balance.

    • Stand tall, chest lifted, arms relaxed.
    • Focus on even weight distribution.
    • Breathe deeply, feeling grounded and centered.

Benefits: Improves posture, strengthens leg muscles, and can help prepare the body for the physical demands of labor.

Sukhasana (Easy Pose): Promotes calmness and improves posture

    • Sit comfortably, back straight (use wall support if needed).
    • Cross legs gently, knees relaxed. Don’t force them down.
    • Hands rest on knees. Breathe deeply.

Benefits: Calms the mind, stretches the back, opens the hips with a gentle pelvic stretch, and can ease lower back tension.

Marjariasana (Cat Pose): Benefits spine, pelvic floor, and reproductive health

    • Start on all fours, back flat like a tabletop.
    • Exhale, curving spine upwards.
    • Inhale, returning to the neutral tabletop position.

Benefits: Gently massages the spine, relieves back compression, strengthens the arms and shoulders, and improves flexibility for labor.

Prenatal Yoga in Dubai: Expert Guidance at Enlighten Yoga Center

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