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by | Sep 17, 2023

When Swadhisthana Chakra, the chakra that determines your appetite for food, sex, and sensual pleasures gets blocked it may lead to PCOD, PCOS and all utero-ovarian and urogenital issues. When this chakra is unbalanced you may even experience fear, depression, insecurity, emotional instability, and reproductive issues.

Discover the transformative power of the Cat-Cow Pose (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana) at Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai. This gentle yet effective asana is particularly beneficial for managing symptoms of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease). The rhythmic movement between Cat and Cow poses enhances spinal flexibility, massages internal organs and may help regulate menstrual cycles. It also reduces stress, a key factor in hormonal imbalances associated with PCOD, improves circulation to reproductive organs, and gently tones the core, strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles essential for pelvic health.

How does yoga help in balancing Swadhisthana Chakra?

BaddhaKonasana, ParivrittaTrikonasana, and Kati Chakrasana are the 3 main yoga asanas that can help you in balancing Swadisthana Chakra. Indulging in your favorite hobbies and recreational activities will help you in balancing Swadhisthana Chakra.  Yoga helps in releasing stress, one of the factors that catalyze hormonal disorders in women.

Although there are various dietary suggestions, here are a few tips that you may like to kick-start your mindful eating with. Healthy diet plans for controlling PCOS:

Try to Include:

  •  Leafy green vegetables, legumes and pulses, broccoli,
  • Fiber Rich Carbs like Oats, Bran Flakes, Wheat-based, Multigrain Breads
  • Fruits low in fructose are the best, like citrus fruits (clementine, lime, lemon) all kinds of berries
  • Include Mono-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Olive Oil, Sesame Oil)


  • All WHITES- White pasta, white rice, white sugars and processed cheese
  • Avoid all kinds of Trans fat, Poly-Unsaturated Fatty Acids (Hydrogenated Veg Oils, Sunflower Oils, Margarine), cream
  • Hormone Injected Vegetables and meat products, processed meat (sausages, hot dogs), canned and frozen foods.
  • Avoid fruits that are high in sugar carbs and high in Glycemic Index (GI), like potatoes, etc.

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