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by | Nov 26, 2023

Most of us are pulling out our winter clothing as the weather gets cooler. Soups and hot teas are making more of an appearance on our dining tables. Why not look at fitness options that can get your heart beat up and your muscles warmed up?

Exercise and movement also help give you an instant mood lift. For those who find the grey sky depressing, exercise can help boost energy reserves and get those happy hormones flowing.

We highlight three options. As always we first recommend Yoga. 

Beat the winter blues and stay healthy this season with tips from Pratimoksha Yoga Studio in Dubai. As the colder months approach, we’re here to provide you with effective health strategies to combat seasonal challenges. Join us for expert advice and practices to maintain your well-being and vitality throughout the winter.

Yoga and Pilates

Both these disciplines are ideal for all of us no matter what we do. Most of us tend to spend more time sitting. This results in the tightening of the muscles around the hip area. With cooler weather especially for those who are getting on in years, they might notice an increased stiffness.

This is where Yoga and Pilates can help in gently improving the flexibility and suppleness of the muscles and joints in this area. At the same time when practitioners hold postures for longer, they are slowly building strength too.

Both Yoga and Pilates also assist in muscle recovery after a grueling workout or maybe after a sport. They can be practiced both before and after most fitness regimes. With a consistent routine, one can prevent most fitness injuries caused by the lack of adequate stretching and strengthening of muscles.


We have chosen to highlight boxing as it provides a good cardiovascular workout and at the same time is excellent to relieve stress.

A cardiovascular workout is becoming more and more of a necessity given that most of us spend more time sitting these days unlike a generation or two ago when the conveniences of modern life were not as widely available.

Generally speaking, any fitness activity that gets the heartbeat up qualifies as a cardio workout. The ideal heart rate during the activity depends on many factors such as age, sex how fit you generally are, and if and what underlying conditions you might have. It’s worth getting advice on this and even a medical check-up if you are thinking of adopting a high-intensity cardiovascular sport or workout.

Aim for at least 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week. You can intersperse them with gentler routines such as Yoga and Tai Chi.

A regular cardio routine can help in combating most lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Coming back to boxing besides the physical benefits there are several others such as achieving better balance and coordination of your limbs.


It’s a winter option if you have an indoor heated pool. For those with chronic joint pain, or rheumatic issues, or if you are recovering from any fractures or dislocated joints, exercising in warm water always comes highly recommended.

This is because water has a cushioning effect on our muscles, bones, and joints. At the same time, it provides a certain resistance that makes our musculoskeletal system work a little harder.


Well, we’ve kept the fun one for the end. It’s coming to the last month of the year, the season of get-togethers and parties as we approach the new year. Get the season going in the comfort of your home. Dial up the music and move.

Quite obviously your heart rate is going to rise; your mood will lighten, and everything will look so positive and good by the end of a session. Try it.

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