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by | May 8, 2024

Discover the transformative power of traditional yoga with Pratimoksha, the finest yoga center in Dubai. Our carefully curated yoga classes and teacher training programs are designed to immerse you in authentic yogic practices, fostering a harmonious connection between your mind and body. Guided by Ms. Lalitha Viswanath, a seasoned Yoga Acharya and certified Manual Osteopath, and her expert team of instructors, we strive to nurture your wellness journey with compassion and dedication.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Traditional Approach: We embrace a holistic, traditional approach to yoga, focusing on the unity of the mind and body.
  • Expert Instructors: Our certified trainers are passionate about empowering individuals to find their path towards wellness.
  • Customized Courses: Our yoga programs cater to diverse needs, whether you’re seeking mental clarity or a more physically active practice.
  • Community Focused: Our vibrant community brings together like-minded individuals who share a love for traditional yoga practices.

Meet Our Clients

We’re proud to share the testimonials of those who have embraced their yoga journey with us. Explore their stories through the videos below, where they share their unique experiences of our classes and Yoga Teacher Training Program.

In this empowering testimonial, Mr. Raed Abdullah, a resident of Kuwait, shares his journey of overcoming severe back pain through yoga therapy at Pratimoksha Yoga Center in Dubai. After being recommended to the center by a friend, he traveled from Kuwait to enroll in the specialized one-month yoga therapy course designed specifically for managing back pain.


In this heartening testimonial, Joanna shares her journey through the 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training Course at Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai. Initially hesitant due to language barriers, Joanna found support from the dedicated team of instructors, which gave her the confidence to embark on this intensive training. With unwavering focus and guidance from her mentors, she excelled in mastering advanced asanas while gaining a thorough understanding of human anatomy, yoga philosophy, and therapy.


In this inspiring testimonial, Ms. Meena, a Dubai-based sales professional, shares her transformative experience with Pratimoksha’s 500 RYT Yoga Teacher Training Course. Initially questioning the necessity of a 500-hour program, Ms. Meena delved into the modules with dedication and passion. She quickly realized the profound impact that comprehensive training could have on her understanding and mastery of yoga teaching.


In this captivating video, students from the 2021 batch of Pratimoksha’s 500 RYT share their transformative experiences, offering a glimpse into the supportive learning atmosphere of the yoga studio in Dubai. These testimonials illustrate how delving into the philosophy of yoga brought positive life changes, fulfilling long-held aspirations. Students appreciate the comprehensive knowledge and uplifting environment at Pratimoksha, which goes beyond traditional fitness goals.


In this testimonial video, Ms. Shefali shares her enriching journey at Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai during the 500-Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course. With heartfelt gratitude, she credits the incredible teachers and mentors for their unwavering support and commendable guidance throughout the program. Ms. Shefali enthusiastically recounts the skills and knowledge she acquired, noting the transformative impact the training had on her practice and teaching journey.


In this testimonial, Ms. Rahima, a participant from the January 2020 batch of the 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at Pratimoksha Yoga Center, shares her enlightening journey. She expresses her gratitude and excitement for the course, recounting how the training profoundly impacted her personal and professional growth. Ms. Rahima highlights the enriching curriculum and beautiful moments that shaped her practice and understanding of yoga.


In this testimonial video, Ms. Zainab recounts her inspiring journey at Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai as she pursued the 500-Hour Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC). With enthusiasm and gratitude, she shares how the program enriched her yoga practice and brought immense personal and professional growth. The 500-Hour TTC provided a comprehensive and transformative experience that equipped her with deep knowledge and skills to excel as a yoga instructor.


In this insightful video, we introduce the comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) at Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai. Perfect for those aspiring to excel as a Yoga Acharya, this program is accredited by the Yoga Alliance U.S. and certified for RYS500 and RYS200. Maintaining the ancient Gurukulam System traditions, the course delves into anatomical and physiological aspects while also addressing psychological health and effective stress management through yoga. The curriculum provides a practical approach to the philosophies of Sage Patanjali, Swatmarama, and other influential yogic figures.


In this video, Mrs. Maria shares her powerful journey at Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai. She highly recommends the center’s Asana program, calling it one of the most comprehensive in the city. Through her personal reflections, Mrs. Maria reveals how her practice at Pratimoksha’s Enlighten Yoga Center has not only enhanced her physical strength and flexibility but also brought mental clarity and inner peace. She details her experiences with the Asana and Beyond courses, highlighting the quality and depth of teaching she found here.


In this heartfelt testimonial, Debbie recounts how the skilled guidance of Ms. Lolita dramatically improved her shoulder condition and enriched her yoga practice. Discover how Pratimoksha has become her trusted partner in pursuing a healthier and happier lifestyle.



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