Mrs. Lalitha Viswanath

Get to know more about an experienced yoga expert in Dubai.


With over 22 years of professional experience, Experienced Yoga Expert Lalitha specializes in traditional Indian yoga techniques, focusing on comprehensive wellness that includes physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Her commitment, as a Yoga Teacher and a therapist, has established Pratimoksha as a key destination for yoga practitioners seeking authentic, transformative experiences. The center offers a variety of classes tailored to different skill levels and wellness goals.

After her intensive training as Yoga teacher from Sivananda Ashram, She further specialized  as a Manual Osteopathic practitioner, and skills in Pranic healing and Reiki. Ms. Viswanath is also well-versed in Ayurvedic philosophy and physiotherapy techniques, making her approach uniquely holistic and integrative. Pratimoksha stands as a beacon for those seeking comprehensive yoga practices that nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Experienced Yoga Expert Lalitha Viswanath’s innovative 500-Hour Yoga Teacher’s Training Course, the first of its kind designed in Dubai, has transformed the landscape of yoga education in the city. Her curriculum masterfully integrates Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Physiology, and Practical training – all conveniently offered within Dubai. This exceptional course stands out as one of Dubai’s most comprehensive and competent yoga teacher training programs, setting a high benchmark for excellence.Aspiring yoga teachers in Dubai now have access to a premier training experience without the need to travel abroad.

Lalitha Viswanath’s mastery in yoga extends to a deep and nuanced understanding of Yoga Philosophy, which she skillfully translates for contemporary relevance. Her passion is deeply rooted in a desire to unlock the profound mysteries of this ancient practice, offering insights that resonate with the modern seeker. This passion for knowledge is complemented by her commitment to holistic healing, where she integrates traditional techniques with modern wellness practices. Her efforts have not only deepened her own understanding but have also helped many achieve a balanced and purposeful life, underlining the transformative power of her teachings.