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by | Jul 4, 2021

Dubai-based Enlighten Yoga Center Pratimoksha’s Teacher’s Training Course offers an in-depth and authentic study of the traditional Indian discipline of Yoga. The course is open to candidates across the world.

Experience the pure form of Yoga from Dubai — a city known for its vibrant mix of nationalities, living in peace, tolerance and harmony.

Pratimoksha invites you to explore its Yoga Teacher’s Training program.

The 6-month course takes students through the ancient practices and philosophies that underpin Yoga, staying true to the teachings of Indian sages and acharyas. What makes Pratimoksha’s course unique is that our teaching stays as close as is possible to the ancient, authentic traditions of Yoga, and does not dilute Yoga’s essence with unnecessary modifications.

With Pratimoksha’s Yoga Teacher’s Training Course students are empowered to ‘discover their true selves’, helping them live out their faith and beliefs in deeper, more meaningful ways. 

The Pratimoksha Yoga teacher’s training center offers RYT500, RYT200 and Yoga CEP programs. On completion of the RYT500 and RYT200 Yoga Teacher’s Training Courses with Pratimoksha, our students can register with Yoga Alliance, USA, as an RYT500 or RYT200 teacher.

What makes Pratimoksha-Yoga Teacher’s Training Unique

  • Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA
  • Weekdays/weekend classes
  • Detailed study of anatomy and physiology, Yoga philosophy, therapeutic Yoga and much more
  • Online and Onsite training available
  • Learn in a setting similar to that of the ancient Indian Gurukulam tradition
  • Individual attention guaranteed as ONLY 6 students are taken per batch
  • Exceptionally-qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers


On successful completion of our RYT500 and RYT200 Teacher’s Training Course in Dubai, students receive certificates from the Enlighten Yoga Center Dubai, which certified by Yoga Alliance USA.

Pratimoksha bases its assessments on written and practical examinations. Be a certified Yoga Teacher from Pratimoksha!

Explore Yoga! Learn and teach!

Begin your journey into Yoga today.  Get in touch with us for more information.



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