Are You Obese?

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by | Oct 11, 2023

What to know about Obesity in UAE

Hi dear, how are you?

I think you have gained some weight

Hey, even you too…

Most of your casual conversation within your social circle starts with weight gain. Overweight or obesity has become a hot topic over the past few years. Obesity and its effects are commonly discussed by various healthcare institutions and NGOs around the globe. Is eating junk and unhealthy foods the reason for weight gain?

Causes of Obesity

Obesity is defined as the excessive accumulation of fat that puts an individual’s health at risk. Obesity is due to excessive consumption and lack of exercise or physical activities. When you consume more calories but do not engage in activities that help in burning out these calories, accumulation of fat occurs leading to weight gain. When you speak about calories on average a healthy man requires 2500 calories in a day to maintain a healthy weight and a woman requires 2000 calories.

  • If you are consuming more than the required calories and stay away from exercise you will gain more weight.
  • Poor diet and eating habits are yet another reason for obesity. It does not happen in a few days, a gradual process that is usually unnoticed or not addressed with the right lifestyle practices.
  • In some cases, certain medications like corticosteroids and antidepressants contribute to weight gain. Even people having thyroid problems tend to gain weight.
  • Genetic traits from parents are one of the reasons for gaining weight.
obesity causes

Junk foods lead to obesity

Did you know these eating habits cause Obesity?

  • Eating too fast
  • Eating consistently
  • Skipping Breakfast
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Eating high-calorie processed foods
  • Emotional eating

Do you have any of these eating habits? If then, it’s time to choose healthy and nutritious foods to stay away from obesity. Also, spare your 30 minutes to practice yoga or any physical exercise.  Get our 30 minutes of free consultation to know more about the issue-based customized yoga program. If you stick to a healthy diet and exercise routines, you may find it easy to lose weight. Get advice from experienced yoga professionals or therapists on how yoga helps in weight loss.

Obesity is characterized by an excessive accumulation of fat that may jeopardize an individual’s health, primarily resulting from overconsumption and insufficient exercise. Alarmingly, obesity is associated with more than 1,000 deaths per day, surpassing the fatalities caused by Covid-19. Managing obesity effectively often involves adhering to a healthy diet and consistent exercise routines. At Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai, we provide guidance and support to help individuals combat obesity through tailored yoga practices and holistic wellness strategies. Join us to embark on a journey toward better health and well-being.


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