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by | Aug 3, 2023


The Easy Pose

Sukha = Pleasure

When you think of yoga, sitting cross-legged is often the first image that comes to mind. In fact, for the less agile and flexible among us, this is often what leads to thoughts such as: “Will I be able to do Yoga?”; “I am not flexible”; “Sitting cross-legged is not possible for me.”

True, sitting cross-legged can be challenging as we get older, particularly if we have grown too accustomed to our sofas and chairs and no longer plonk on the floor.

In this Yoga Basics blog we introduce you to the Sukhasana — The Easy Pose, which is a foundational pose and not as challenging as the Padmasan or The Lotus Pose.

The latter requires more practice and some preparatory exercises that help open up the hips. And it is not advisable for those with lower back, hip and knee issues unless done under professional guidance and after considerable preparatory exercises.
As a beginner, you could sit in Sukhasana on a cushion or a pillow. You could even begin by sitting on a low stool. As your hips open up, you could consider removing the prop.

Sit with your back straight, chest pushed out.
Gently draw your legs into a cross-legged posture. Let your knees fall to either side, but do not force them down.
You could extend your crossed ankles slightly away from you for a more comfortable seat.
Let your palms rest gently on your knees.
Breathe gently — a complete exhalation and a full deep inhalation.
Hold the posture for a minute or as long as you are comfortable, before extending your legs and coming out of the pose.

This is a foundational pose, and you begin to build on this with every practice session.
However, it also has its intrinsic benefits.
It improves posture, as you consciously sit erect with your back straight. You could use the posture for a 5-minute meditation; or for deep breathing practice.
The pose improves focus and lung capacity and strengthens the back. If you are stressed, sit in Sukhasana for a few moments and you are guaranteed to feel lighter and better.
Try it… NOW!

(Caution: It’s a good rule of thumb to remember to leave around 2 hours between a meal and an Asana, as most postures require that your stomach is relatively empty. For Sukhasana, however, you really don’t need to have an empty stomach unless you are planning on doing Pranayama or deep breathing exercises.)

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