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by | Jul 29, 2023


The Mountain Pose

Tada = Mountain

In this new blog series, Pratimoksha invites you to explore fundamental #yoga postures that serve as a good starting point to build a Yoga practice.

However, a word of caution: It’s a good rule of thumb to leave around 2 hours between a meal and an Asana, as most postures and breathing exercises require that your stomach is relatively empty.

So now let’s explore Tadasana, Sanskrit for Mountain Pose.

First here’s how to do it.

Stand erect;
Chest out and shoulder blades retracted;
Arms by your sides;
Distribute your weight evenly on both feet;
Close your eyes if you are comfortable doing so;
Now gently breathe in and out.

This is a simple Asana. So simple that one might be forgiven for thinking that we’re not doing anything. However, the asana/pose pulls in all parts of the body, and this is what helps hold the body erect and in balance. Obviously the Asana is great for one’s posture.
As you breathe in and out, your focus and concentration improve; you feel stress and tension ease. Without you even knowing it, you are working all major muscle groups including the all-important core.

As its name suggests the pose invokes the stability and strength of a mountain. As you stand in the posture, it is this strength that we try and mirror.

It might be a good idea to slip in an affirmation while in the posture. It could be something along the lines of “I am strong.” Or it could be: ‘I am open to an abundance of goodness, happiness and prosperity.”

Since the asana is pretty simple, it allows us to focus on our body in totality as well as in isolation. By this, we mean that even while we pay attention to our posture as a whole, we can also focus on all major and minor muscle groups and ensure they are working together and in proper alignment with each other.

So for instance, notice if there’s a slight slump in the shoulders, then push your chest out gently, retract your shoulder blades, tuck in your stomach and bring your pelvis in. Continue to scan your body and ensure that you are maintaining proper alignment.

Once you feel your posture is correct, then focus on maintaining balance. Distribute your weight evenly on both feet and try and feel each part of the sole touching the ground.

As we continue learning new postures, we will find ourselves returning to Tadasana frequently during transitions between Asanas.

Tadasana is a posture that can be done almost anytime and anywhere to help bring some calm into a busy day. It can act as a reset button for us, whenever we feel overwhelmed by the tasks and chores of the day.

Welcome to the fifth challenge of the Dubai Fitness Challenge 2021, presented by Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center: Tadasana, or Mountain Pose. As part of our #30×30 challenge, this fundamental yoga pose improves flexibility, relieves pain, and strengthens your back, hips, and legs. We’re excited to see your progress and hear about your experiences with Tadasana. Capture your pose, share your story on social media, and tag us. Are you ready to stand strong and tall in your fitness journey?

Why not try it… NOW!


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