An opportunity to look inwards


by | Apr 1, 2020

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Today’s need of the hour — that we stay at home — seems to be Nature’s way of putting things back into place. We have moved from a fast-paced lifestyle to a state of near lock-down. Let us use this time to see some positives in what is otherwise a very tragic situation. For instance, people are becoming more conscious of hygiene; they are mindful of waste disposal; they are spending more time with their families and loved ones.

Mother Nature is smiling almost gleefully as it watches  the air  becoming pollution-free, the waters  becoming cleaner and sound pollution reducing drastically.

Bound as we are to our homes, one could easily slip into a mode of lethargy when one has no binding routine. This is a good time to rewire our brains and organize ourselves better, prioritizing many of our key factors that have been put on the back burner due to the prevailing work-life imbalance.

Let’s take time to introspect and reflect upon our lives lived so far, and what could have been better if certain things had been set in their places from the start.

Here are a few tips that might help you get there:

Health is wealth: A suggested daily routine!

#1.       Start your day before sunrise, with a smile on your face and an attitude of gratitude

#2.       Empty your system and freshen up

#3.       Go to your balcony or garden and enjoy some pollution-free air bathing for 5 minutes, and get your quota of Vitamin D for the day(Nature’s Bounty)

#4.       Exercise for at least half an hour

#5.       Have a good healthy breakfast

#6.       Get to work (online for now)

#7.       Rejuvenate yourself: Take a break and do your breathing exercises for 10 minutes (breathing exercise video)

#8.       Break for lunch and sit together with your family and loved ones (turn off your mobiles) and enjoy a peaceful meal together. With your kids at home, do share your thoughts with them.

#9.       Power nap to boost your brain

#10.    Get back to work

#11.    Stretch your spine and release your stress;take a 15 minute break to stretch (office Yoga video)

#12.    Resume your work for an hour and then call it a day at work!

#13.    Have a cup of tea or coffee with your loved one and play a board game with your family

#14.    Team work in the kitchen after which, Enjoy your meal together

#15.    Put your gadgets away and rest for the day with Yoga Nidra and ease your mind (Yog Nidra Video)

Stay tuned for our next update on our next Non-Negotiable Surprise… .



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