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by | May 17, 2022

A quick Google search reveals that when starting a new company, only half achieve the 5-year milestone. For the Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center Dubai team, it’s a matter of great pride that our wellness company has crossed 5 years this year.

To mark the milestone, Pratimoksha is dedicating the entire 2022 to offer its gratitude.

We owe our thanks to our students, first and foremost, without whom we wouldn’t be here.

We also owe our gratitude to our teachers and mentors who guided the Pratimoksha journey from its early planning stages, when our center located in Oud Metha, was just an idea.

We owe our gratitude to all those who offered their counsel, their time and their efforts to support Pratimoksha in its early years. The Pratimoksha brand is based on honesty and compassion, knowledge and all-out care for all those who walk in through our doors. It has never faltered in these areas.

For our founder Ms Lalitha Viswanath, Pratimoksha’s journey is personal. Never had she imagined that her passion and dedication to Yoga would take her down the entrepreneurial route. Having never held a 9-5 job, Ms Lalitha learnt every step of the way as she set about her work of forming a company in Dubai, building a highly qualified and knowledgeable teaching team, as well as a team to take care of the administrative and marketing needs of Pratimoksha. Along with her mentors and her team, she learnt how to get systems in place, so that the center could function independently, as and when necessary.

The first 5 years were grueling for Ms Lalitha in particular, as she learnt to balance her commitment to Pratimoksha along with those to her family.

As with all entrepreneurs, who dream big, the joy of seeing their dream take shape is fraught with daily challenges. And the learning curve is steep. One of the biggest lessons, Ms Lalitha learnt has nothing to do with the center as such. It’s the vital lesson of carving out time every single day to look after one’s own health and wellness, however busy the day. 

Pratimoksha has some core supporters, who have stood by it right from the start. They are driven by the conviction that Pratimoksha is a concept of holistic wellness that needs to be popularized in the larger community for everyone’s benefit.

Pratimoksha is founded on ancient Yogic wisdom and Ayurvedic knowledge, and other alternative healing modalities. And yet it is adapted totally for the modern human and the bio-mechanics unique to our lifestyles today.

Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center thanks each and every one, who has been part of its journey. The Pratimoksha family is growing every day. And every day we are grateful for this opportunity to serve up wellness, transformation and knowledge to true seekers of it.


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As Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai celebrates its 5-year milestone, we reflect with deep gratitude on the incredible journey we’ve undertaken together. This achievement stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication of our students, the wisdom and guidance of our teachers, and the relentless commitment of our founder, Ms. Lalitha Viswanath, whose vision has shaped Pratimoksha into the beacon of holistic wellness that it is today. Rooted in ancient Yogic wisdom and adapted to the modern world, Pratimoksha continues to thrive as a community where transformation, knowledge, and care are at the forefront. We remain deeply thankful to everyone who has supported us along the way and look forward to growing our Pratimoksha family in the years ahead. Together, let’s continue serving up wellness and transformation for all who seek it. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey.


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