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by | Aug 23, 2021

The simple answer is our lifestyle, where we move less and consume more.

Over the last 60-70 years, man’s dogged pursuit to make life easier has given rise to many lifestyle diseases — diabetes and blood pressure being the most common. So much so that to sustain our lives of ease and comfort, we actually have to fork out money to force ourselves to move and derive all the benefits of being active. 

And in the pursuit of more — a better car, a better and larger house, a more exotic holiday, a meal at a top-notch restaurant and so on and so forth — we put in longer hours of work. Is it any surprise then, that we see chronic musculoskeletal issues affecting people early in life? Back pain, tight shoulders, stiff neck, knee pain etc. used to be what our grandparents moaned about. No longer.

Leave aside the physical, mental issues are also very common, stemming from stress, anxiety and a feeling that however much we try, we will never be able to get everything done, and be everything to everybody.

Given the predicament we find ourselves in, never more has the world needed Yoga as much as we need it today. And at Pratimoksha, when we say Yoga, we mean the authentic, holistic Yoga that gives as much importance to mind management as physical postures. 

Pratimoksha believes in an integrated approach towards holistic wellness through the optimum combination of Asanas, breathing exercises, diet management and lifestyle changes. Yoga, for Pratimoksha, is not just exercises for weight loss, it’s way beyond this — it involves the integration of mind, body and spirit.

The Pratimoksha approach

When you first contact Pratimoksha, you are invited for a free consultation with a senior Yoga acharya (teacher). You are invited to share your health concerns, based on which the teacher will recommend a suitable course. Those with severe and chronic physical conditions are advised Yoga Therapy. These are one-on-one sessions during which the individual is shown strengthening exercises that alternate with deep therapeutic stretches to address their particular issue. Deep breathing and meditation can also be part of the session, with advice on diet and small lifestyle changes and home practice routines provided. The focus is thus on holistic wellness.

After 10 to 15 therapy sessions, based on an individual’s requirement, he or she is moved to regular group class where, having managed their condition, they can now take their practice to the next level.

Yoga Therapy is effective for a number of physical and mental health issues. These include knee, neck, back and shoulder pain, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, stress, anxiety, depression, post-natal depression and obesity and eating disorders. Lifestyle-induced diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, insomnia, migraines, hormonal imbalances etc. can also be very well-managed through Yoga.

Generally, people adopt Yoga either for their overall wellbeing as part of their lifestyle management, or because they find themselves faced with physical or mental health problems. For the latter Yoga therapy is often the path that will first sort out their problem before they can progress to Pratimoksha’s beginner and advanced level courses. Pratimoksha’s signature Beyond programs is, to a large extent, a total package, where the student is guided towards adopting a customized and holistic Yoga practice to suit their lifestyle.

Customized, individual prenatal and post-natal sessions are also in demand. These sessions include a thorough assessment, diet management and exercises for a safe home practice.

Always keep in mind that when you choose a Yoga course — particularly when you have health issues or are expecting — do a thorough check. Go for Yoga that is taught in a holistic way. If in doubt, ask for trial class, talk to the teachers and discuss all your concerns.

Don’t compromise on your health. And don’t wait to be in the grip of pain and disease. Be active and take charge of your health today.

No one does Yoga like we do


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