Stuck at home? A Yoga Teacher Trainer Course Might Just Be the Answer


by | Sep 13, 2021

So you dropped out of the job scene a few years ago. Maybe because you wanted to be there for your children when they needed your attention the most. Or maybe just because the pressure on the work front and the home front was getting too much to handle. Or maybe you just quit because you needed some time to take care of yourself.

Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t have to be the end to a dream of an independent, fulfilling career. Depending on your training and the industry you left behind, only you will be able to assess if you would like to get back in again. Or maybe just try something new.

We are here to tell you that should you be thinking of alternative career options, then learning to teach Yoga is an excellent career pathway. With the added benefit of using your knowledge to help your loved ones too.

So if you are a homemaker or someone who discontinued their education after grade 12/13, or someone passionate about Yoga and the philosophy and science behind it, then scroll down to start a new career.

Anyone above the age of 18 can enroll. Prior experience of Yoga is not required. You will learn a lot about human anatomy, philosophy, Yoga Asanas and Yoga therapy. You can be a professional Yoga instructor or work as a freelance teacher. In time, you can even consider opening your own studio.

Invest 6 months in our Yoga Alliance certified RYT500 Teachers’ Training Course, and you will be opening yourself up for a deeply satisfying, transformative experience.

Who can benefit from a TTC:

  • Homemakers
  • Teachers
  • Health-care providers
  • Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Nurses
  • Life coaches
  • Sports coaches
  • Corporate wellness program leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Students

Where to enroll for Yoga TTC?

Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center Dubai is undoubtedly a leading Dubai-based center offering regular Yoga programs and a variety of in-depth, high-quality teacher’s training courses. These include the RYT500, RYT200, Prenatal and Post-natal Teacher’s Training Courses and 50-hour Yoga CEP programs.

Practically anyone, who is above 18 and has cleared their grade 12 examinations, can join. UAE citizens, residents and individuals on tourist visas can enrol with Pratimoksha.

The center offers the flexibility of weekday and weekend programs thus giving professionals the flexibility of learning Yoga even while working. The Pratimoksha TTC is taught by highly-experienced teachers from India and is so in-depth that it covers all the modules that form part of an MSC Yoga program offered in India.

Apart from the in-depth curriculum, students will be taught all eight branches of Yoga along with special emphasis on the therapeutic aspects of postures, breathing and meditation techniques and cleansing practices.

Thanks to the rich content and thorough teaching, the Pratimoksha RYT programs prepare individuals to teach various age groups and people dealing with various anatomical and medical issues.

What makes the Pratimoksha TTC unique?

  • Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA;
  • Weekday/weekend classes;
  • Detailed study of Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Philosophy, Therapeutic Yoga and much more;
  • Online and on-site training available;
  • Learn in a setting similar to that of the ancient Indian gurukulam tradition;
  • Individual attention guaranteed as ONLY 6 students are taken per batch;
  • Exceptionally qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers.

If you are passionate about Yoga and feel that one out of the 6 slots in Pratimoksha’s TTC batch is YOURS, then call/WhatsApp us today at 00971-50-395-5613.

Here’s a warm welcome to Pratimoksha’s Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga TTC.

… because no one teaches Yoga like we do!


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