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The Pratimoksha Yoga Teachers Training Course is arguably the crown jewel among our course offerings. It is accredited by the US-based Yoga Alliance International.

The courses are enriched by the immense knowledge and experience of Yoga Acharya Ms Lalitha Viswanath who leads the team of well-qualified professionals who have a sound knowledge of every Yogic discipline and tradition.


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Traditional and Therapeutic Yoga along with other prominent Yoga styles.


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Professionally-qualified Yoga instructors from India, the land of Yoga.


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Well-structured Yoga courses steeped in the essence of traditional Indian Yoga.

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It’s a great time to start your Yoga training. The only way forward is to ‘transform and transcend’. Change your life story into a glorious story of success, of healing, of courage, of inner wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love. Come and experience the change with Pratimoksha, a traditional and authentic Yoga training center in Dubai.


Ready to Rediscover yourself?

Join our session to experience the traditional Indian Yoga in Dubai.

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Ready to rediscover yourself?

Join our sessions. Be part of the growing Pratimoksha family to experience traditional Indian Yoga in Dubai.


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Asana & Beyond

Pratimoksha has been a truly awakening factor in my journey towards wellbeing. The staff are highly skilled, well trained and genuinely exude cheerfulness, care and concern for students. The realization that yoga is not just about flexibility, but about mental, physical and spiritual unity and well being has been an eye opener. The facilities are amazing and even more so are the staff. Classes and courses are tailor made to individual’s needs and at every stage there is high priority for ensuring the safest, injury free and professional training.
The teaching style and course content is unique and has contributed a lot to my overall holistic development and confidence.
Keep doing the great work that you do Team Pratimoksha!!

Jorry George

Yoga Therapy & Beyond Course

Pratimoksha really has guided me to understand yoga and start my journey to enlightenment. The teachers here fully understand what your body requires for physical and mental well-being. They curate a pathway for you to get from level 0 to being confident to practice yoga independently and based on interest and skill transition to a yoga teacher. Teachers are connected, give you enough time and attention and most importantly know and understand yoga and body types. This place is not a normal yoga studio where you come and workout 1 hour and leave, it’s a learning center to understand get connected to yourself. Along with Asana sessions there are talking sessions that provides you insights about yoga and path to well being. If you looking to start yoga or already know and want to advance your learning I will highly recommend people to join Pratimoksha and experience yoga.Thanks Pratimoksha team

Dinesh Kandpal

Asana & Beyond

Looking for slow and pure yoga I came across pratimoksha yoga. Now 6 months later after joining the course I have been able to do a lot more asanas than I could do before. Totally a refreshing and feel good experience. Thank you pratimoksha.

Rashida Rangonwala

Prana & Beyond

At Pratimoksha, you get not just very proficient teachers, but perhaps more importantly, teachers who genuinely care about you. Despite the classes happening in a (very happy) team environment, they manage to provide personal attention to ensure that your postures are perfected and you don’t hurt yourself. I also admire the focus on a ‘yogic lifestyle’ that goes beyond physical fitness and flexibility.

Biswajit Dasgupta

Individual Sessions

This centre is fantastic! I came here thinking that yoga was mainly about improving ones flexibility, which is what I was interested in, but soon learnt that the yoga practiced here is so much more. It is truly holistic and the teachers are committed to your development both physically and mentally. It is very evident in the way they conduct classes and offer explanations that they are extremely knowledgeable and are able to offer programs and plans that are tailor-made for you. More than just improvements in flexibility, my favorite aspect of the classes was the time spent on learning different breathing techniques. I have already seen the positive effects in other aspects of my daily life. I would highly recommend this centre to anyone interested in learning about all aspects of yoga.

Dhruv Ramesh

Beyond Courses

Highly recommend signing up for one of their courses! I have been attending their sessions for 4 months to date and the course has had a profoundly positive impact. Classes do not just feature yoga postures but are also accompanied by thoughtfully curated lectures to enhance understanding of the body, mind and spirit. If you are looking for rejuvenation and inspiration then this yoga studio is definitely the right choice.

Farida Ahmed

Yoga therapy

I was diagnosed with disc prolapse in L4, L5 – Left posterior with Radiating pain towards left leg as a result of sports(Cricket) injury. I was needing assistance to get off bed in the morning and was recommended micro disc surgery by doctors. I joined the Yoga program and over a period of one year, I not only progressively improving my physical well being, the yoga program even enabled me to gain a lot of positivity in my thinking. Net result was that I am now back playing sport(Cricket). I have no hesitation is crediting this turnaround in my health to Ms.Lalitha and her wonderfully adapted Yoga program.

Jayraj Menon

Yoga Therapy

Being an elderly person in my 60’s and suffering from severe frozen shoulders, I had minimal range of motion. Over a period of 6 months of individual classes with Lalitha, I progressed to near normal activities and the program even enabled manage my weight. I wish Lalitha the very best in all her endeavor.

Dilshad Begum

Asana & Beyond

Highly recommended yoga center to those who want expert, professional and passionate teachers combined with a peaceful studio. Their approach to focused teaching has really helped me to learn yoga in the right progression for my body and mind. Even before after my first course ends, I am already looking forward to the next! Book a trial class and experience it for yourself.

Marianne Tolentino

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