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by | Apr 30, 2023

Since being set up five years ago, Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center Dubai has gained a reputation for authentic, holistic and therapeutic Yoga, where students are encouraged to embrace Ashtanga Yoga in all its 8 branches and weave it into their lives. Of all the Yoga courses and wellness options that the center provides, the Pratimoksha Teacher’s Training Course (TTC) is undoubtedly the jewel in the crown.

This year — the fifth anniversary of the center — Pratimoksha will take in its fifth batch of teacher trainees.

Founder Ms Lalitha Viswanath considers the TTC as the best way of extending her message of holistic Yoga into our wider communities not only here in the UAE, but also globally. As such, she is deeply involved in not just drawing up the course content, which is so rich that it is comparable to an MSc program in Yogic Sciences, but in the lectures and classes.

Pratimoksha offers RYT500 and RYT200, Pre-natal and Post-natal Teacher’s Training Courses and 50-hour Yoga CEP programs. UAE citizens, residents and individuals on tourist visas can enrol for a Yoga TTC with the center.

Those with full-time jobs can also enroll as Pratimoksha offers the flexibility of weekday and weekend programs.

The Pratimoksha TTC is certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. On the successful completion of our program, one can register with Yoga Alliance to become an RYT certified Yoga teacher. Successful graduates of the Pratimoksha TTC can also sit for the Indian Ministry of Ayush certification exam.

Why is choosing a TTC so important

One might be looking at doing a TTC for a variety of reasons. Obviously, most will want to make a career out of it. They may either want to work as Yoga instructors or open a Yoga studio of their own. However, some would like to take up a TTC because they believe it will help them take care of themselves and their families better.

A TTC is almost like a First Aid course. We learn how to ensure our minds and bodies function at optimum levels. In fact, just by learning to breathe right, we create an environment within ourselves that helps in the healing and regenerative process.

Choosing one’s guru is possibly the most important decision one will take.

When learning Yoga, first and foremost, it’s crucial that we learn it in its entirety, so that we can apply it holistically. The mind and body are interconnected. What happens to one system affects the other. At the same time, every person is different, and hence the Yoga we teach needs to be customized based on individual needs.

Therefore, as an aspiring teacher, we must try and ensure that we learn from teachers who really know Yoga thoroughly. And make sure that when they teach us, they teach us all branches of it.

This is where the Pratimoksha TTC shines and is head and shoulders above any other TTC program not just in the UAE but possibly around the world.

Thanks to its in-depth curriculum, students are taught all forms of Yoga along with its therapeutic aspects. The Pratimoksha RYT programs prepare students professionally to teach various age groups and people from all walks of life, dealing with various anatomical and medical issues.

What makes Pratimoksha-Yoga Teacher’s Training Unique

  • Certified by Yoga Alliance, USA;
  • Weekdays/weekend classes;
  • Detailed study of anatomy and physiology, Yoga philosophy, therapeutic Yoga and much more;
  • Online and Onsite training available;
  • Learn in a setting similar to that of the ancient Indian Gurukulam tradition;
  • Individual attention is guaranteed as ONLY 6 students are taken per batch;
  • Exceptionally qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers.

What can you expect from a Pratimoksha TTC

  • An in-depth 6-month Yoga Alliance International accredited course.
  • Individual attention and training under Yoga Acharya Ms. Lalitha Viswanath, celebrated for her deep knowledge of Yoga philosophy and Vedanta texts, and for healing innumerable people with chronic health issues through customized Yoga therapy sessions. Ms. Lalitha is also a trained manual osteopath with interests in several healing modalities.  
  • Upon enrollment, the studio provides the full course material including:
    1. Traditional Yogic Texts
    2. Practice Diary
    3. Notebooks and Pen
    4. Bag
    5. Neti Kit and Towel
  • FREE entry to YOGA WORKSHOPS conducted during the 6 months.
  • 60 hours of teaching assistance and corrections.
  • PLACEMENT opportunities. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

If you are passionate about Yoga and feel that one out of the 6 slots in Pratimoksha’s TTC batch number 5 is YOURS, then call/WhatsApp us today at 00971-50-395-5613.

Welcome to Pratimoksha’s Yoga Alliance-certified Yoga TTC.

… because no one teaches Yoga like we do!

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In this video, Ms. Lalitha Viswanath of Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center in Dubai shares valuable insights on choosing the best Yoga Teacher Training Course. With the 200 and 500-hour programs available, she provides guidance to prospective students on finding the program that best aligns with their goals. Tune into the #transformtotranscend talk show to learn everything you need to know before enrolling in one of these comprehensive courses.

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In Dubai, Pratimoksha Enlighten Yoga Center stands as a sanctuary for aspiring yogis and seasoned practitioners alike. With its holistic and comprehensive approach to yoga, the center’s Teacher Training Courses offer unparalleled depth and authenticity. Whether you’re seeking personal growth, aiming to build a rewarding career as a yoga instructor, or simply wishing to explore the transformative power of yoga, Pratimoksha’s 200 and 500-hour programs offer the perfect opportunity to embark on this journey. Guided by Ms. Lalitha Viswanath’s expert teachings and personalized attention, you’ll receive a world-class education that prepares you to transcend the ordinary. Take the step to transform your passion into purpose and join Pratimoksha’s supportive and welcoming community, because no one teaches yoga like they do!


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