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by | Jul 18, 2022

Do you know about 60% of your body constitutes of water?  In this extreme summer you need to stay hydrated for the functioning of the organs and protect the vital organs. Lack of water makes you dehydrated that leads to other forms like muscle cramps, fatigue, tiredness, Urinary tract infections and so on.

Your body needs more water when you’re in warmer climates, It’s easy to go about your day without thinking about how much water you’ve had to drink or forget to take those sips until you start to feel bad. But, especially in the summer heat, water is vital to helping your body stay healthy and hydrated. As per the medical experts there is no fixed amount of water for everybody. Based on the age, weight and health conditions its vary.

Tips for staying hydrated

The first thing to do in the morning is to drink a glass. This gets your metabolism running and gives you an energy boost. Avoid drinking water right before bed if you struggle with nocturnal urination or heartburn.

Get a water bottle to make you stay hydrated. A good water bottle can serve as a visual reminder to drink more water throughout the day. Certain bottles have marked measurements for tracking intake or have words of encouragement printed on the side as water levels go down.

Use alarms or notifications to your advantage. Set alarms or notifications on your smart devices as reminders throughout the day. For a mental boost, set your Alexa or Google device to remind you along with verbal, positive encouragements.

Focus on your body’s signals. Be mindful of whether your body is thirsty or hungry. Sometimes we overeat because we mistake thirst for hunger.

Drink a glass of water before each meal. It will help you stay hydrated, help your body digest food better and help you feel full faster.

Add calorie-free flavoring. Try fruit or vegetable infusions in your water to make it more appealing. Prepare a jug in the refrigerator to infuse overnight to make filling your water bottle in the morning easier. Pick up a water bottle that has a built-in infusion basket for flavor on the go.

Check the color of your urine. Some people check the color of their urine throughout the day to ensure it is clear or light-colored. Dark yellow urine may be a sign of dehydration for some.

Swap high sugar drinks for sparkling water or seltzer. Not only will you cut back on unnecessary sugar, but you’ll be adding to your water intake.

Set a daily goal. A simple daily goal can help you stay motivated and work towards maintaining a healthy habit.

Make it a challenge. Ask your friends to join you in a healthy competition to see who meets their daily goals regularly.

Along with the proper water intake, invest your time in  practicing yoga or some exercises to get rid of fatigue and tiredness . To know more get in touch with us at


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