How Yoga helps Students?

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by | Nov 25, 2020

It’s time to Teach Yoga in Schools

Have you ever felt that children under the age of 15 are passing through various physical and psychological problems out of fear, #anxiety, stress, and a lot more arising from their Academics or Family? Nowadays parents are too busy with their work-related burdens and aside family relations and leisure time with children to meet the rising expenses and to have a better standard of living. The current scenario demands a lot from the individuals to cope up with the competitive factors in every nook and corner of the world. None are to be blamed for the situation but when it comes to children, as they are the precious gems of the future and if the foundation is bad they will really find it difficult to move ahead successfully in the future.

Benefits of #Yoga for Students

Mind-Body Awareness

Unlike other exercises, Yoga is a holistic approach that creates a mind-body relation. Teach Yoga techniques to your little ones to get rid of the fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem deteriorating their physical and #mental health. Yoga helps in improving focus, memory, and grasping ability thereby improving the overall academic performance of students.

Improves Physical Fitness

Long hours of sitting and lack of exercise along with the carving of junk tend to gain weight and other health issues.  And to your surprise, it is a major issue unaddressed in schools and in families. Teach the Science of Yoga, help them to relate and analyze their lifestyle with the Yoga principles thereby create an urge in students to follow a healthy lifestyle. Teach students about a Healthy Lifestyle, how to control Emotions, and the importance of Self Love. Through a healthy diet and regular Yoga practices, students can improve their fitness and get rid of lifestyle diseases.

Practice Yoga for a Holistic Change

Engaging in hobbies or practicing Yoga or other exercises can reduce stress, anxiety, and other psychological issues affecting them. Studies reveal that Yoga and Mindfulness have a positive impact on the physical and mental health of children under the age of 15. Yoga improves balance, strength, focus, memory, self-esteem, self-confidence, and concentration, which can certainly help them in focusing their academics without any distraction. Nowadays more educational institutions integrate Yoga as a part of the curriculum to build their Self Confidence and capabilities.

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