What are the benefits of breathing exercises?

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by | Apr 6, 2021

Without breath we are nothing. It is what stands between our life and death.

We inhale oxygen that is vital for our metabolic function, and exhale carbon dioxide. The respiratory process nourishes us with every inhalation and removes toxins with every exhalation.

Given how important our breath is, wouldn’t you like to get the best out of every breath you take. This is where a consistent routine of breathing exercises matters.

Let’s take a look at what Breathing Exercise does for us.

Boosts immunity

Regular breathing exercises increase the amount of oxygen flowing into the body and helps in the more efficient release of toxins from the respiratory organs. Increased oxygen in the cells and tissues makes them healthier, helping them perform better. Improved breathing will also help in better absorption of vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream.


Reduces anxiety

Breathing exercises help calm your system, reducing stress and anxiety and bringing in more clarity to your thought process. When we practice deep breathing, we help in bringing our heart rate to normal and increase our oxygen levels. This acts as a signal to the brain that it can relax. Regular deep breathing helps in balancing our hormones, releasing endorphins. These are among the body’s “happy hormones” that act to relieve stress and pain.


Improves sleep

Medical experts often advise breathing exercises for good quality sleep. Breathing detoxifies the body and relaxes you. A deep breathing exercise before bed can be helpful in treating people suffering from insomnia.


Cleanses the body

Respiration helps our bodies maintain a blood pH value of 7.40 or thereabouts, which is a slightly alkaline level. Stress, poor eating habits, and shallow exhalation often skew these levels, causing our blood to turn more acidic. The carbon dioxide that we breathe out is a slightly acidic compound. With better exhalation we can remove more carbon dioxide. Thus breathing exercises help in cleansing our bodies.


Improves digestive system

Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to the digestive organs resulting in their being able to perform better relieving any gastrointestinal issues, constipation, indigestion, etc. Proper digestion, in turn, gives the body more energy.


Strengthens cardiovascular health

Breathing exercises can help strengthen cardiovascular muscles and improve blood pressure. Regular deep breathing also decreases the chances of stroke. It stimulates the Vagus nerve regulating the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response.


Improves concentration

Regular breathing exercises conditions the brain improving its all-round functioning. In particular, it helps in improving focus and concentration, memory and cognitive powers.


Promotes healthy and glowing skin

Breathing exercises increase the oxygen concentration in cells, thus giving the skin a healthy inner glow. Breathing exercises also play a role in burning fat. We have already mentioned how it helps remove toxin build-up and helps balance our hormones. All of this results in clearer and less stressed skin.


Reduces inflammation in the body

Sheetali pranayama is a breathing technique that helps in cooling the body down, calming agitated emotions. It also helps decrease inflammation in the digestive tract, something that can stress the whole body.


Strengthens lungs

Unfortunately our lifestyle and the habits we pick up have their impact on our metabolism and general health. It also, along with the pollutants we are surrounded by, affects our lung power. With a regular breathing exercise we can increase our lung capacity, improving the elasticity of its muscles, and ensuring we are making optimal use of the entire surface area of our lungs.

All these should be reasons enough for all of us to adopt a daily routine of conscious breathing. Don’t wait, start today.

The pandemic has also served to focus attention on deep breathing, because improving lung power means better immunity towards Covid-19 and better recovery too. Pratimoksha, Enlighten Yoga Center Dubai, provides online breathing exercise sessions.

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