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by | May 2, 2024

The role of fitness in keeping us in optimum health has been proven time and again. But why choose Yoga asana instead of other fitness modalities? The answer lies in how Yoga benefits not just the body, but also your mental and emotional state.

The importance of taking care of one’s mental wellbeing is now being recognized worldwide. For, disease first begins in the mind. It’s not that you think of heart disease and very soon you have it! However, the stress and trauma that you feel within, how long it lasts without your being able to release it, how you try and cope with it, the cascading effects this has on all body systems — these are a few factors that in time allow sickness to take grip of the body.

Your immune system is very complicated, and so many checks and balances keep it functioning optimally. We won’t go into scientific explanations about the immune system. We intend to highlight how a troubled and stressed mind, coupled with negative emotions can take a toll on the body. Quite simply, when we are not happy, and if we are in a constant state of stress, whatever the reason, the body as a whole loses that sense of balance with the result that our immune system, metaphorically speaking, develops cracks. These widen over time giving bacteria viruses and all manner of pathogens a chance to gain a foothold in the body. Very soon, they start wreaking havoc within.

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Role of Yoga

The beauty of Yoga is that it takes into consideration the human being in totality — not just the body that we can see through its physical attributes, but also the mind and the spirit.

Although we are more familiar with the physical postures of Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga has 8 branches — each equally rich and powerful. When all 8 limbs of Yoga are practiced in conjunction then the practitioner reaps all the benefits of Yoga.

The mind is calmed and trained to focus inward either on one’s breath or on a single focal point — the Drishti — or on a thought or a mantra. The breath is deep and nourishing for all organs and cells. All our muscles, even the smallest ones, are conditioned. The discipline of Yoga seeps into our lifestyles manifesting in more mindful eating habits, and replacing poor habits with good healthy ones. We begin to recognize the power of meditation and how we can get there by developing our powers of concentration.

Now the human becomes much like a musical instrument, well-tuned and in harmony with itself and with Nature. All major physiological markers of the body are functioning well and in balance. Can you imagine disease taking hold in such harmonious circumstances?

That’s why practice Yoga and practice it holistically. Now practice yoga with Yoga Alliance US accredited yoga studio.


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