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Our unique Yoga course – Prana & Beyond…

“tasmin sati shvasa prashvsayoh gati vichchhedah pranayamah”

Highlights of Prana and Beyond- The unique Yoga course

Prana & beyond is our signature and unique yoga course. It is a 2 months course carried out twice a week. Each session is about 75 minutes.

The course is progressive and prepares the individual through various breathing exercises that increase the holding power of the lungs and optimizing it’s capacity. Further, detox routines that clears the nasal cavities are taught, making a way for  smooth flow of ‘Prana’ into the body.

Ideally, this course should be undertaken after the Ayur Yoga (a complete detox and rejuvenating program). Once you have mastered Asanas, the body is physically ready to stabilize and channelize the flow of energy or ‘Prana’ or Vital energies.

Benefits of  Pranayama- Prana and Beyond

Have you ever noticed the way you breathe when you are angry or upset? When you are angry or upset your breathing will be fast and labored. This is because the body is in a ‘fight or flight’ mode and requires more oxygen. To be able to respond to a situation with calm and composed mind, it is necessary to activate the ‘rest and repair’ mechanism. And this is exactly what happens when you take a ‘sigh of relief’.

Deep breathing is a simple technique that helps to restore the depletion of oxygen.So why not make it your daily Practice routine. This way you will not only develop good health and immunity, but also remain calm and focused in your daily activities.

When the flow of breath is at ease, the mind becomes stable and eased.The controlled flow of breath or this vital energy is called ‘Pranayama’. Therefore,‘pranayama’ is a healing technique for the Body & Mind complex for restoring vitality. An in-depth knowledge of ‘Prana’ and its connect to the ‘Subtle body’ is required for the practice of ‘Pranayama’.