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PRATIMOKSHA’- A journey towards inner evolution

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Enlighten Yoga center, one of the Best Yoga Studios in Dubai began its journey towards health and wellness as a simple freelance exercise program. In 2002 Pratimoksha’s founder Ms Lalitha Viswanath had a chance to give a freelance yoga class for her neighbor to reduce blood pressure. Subsequently, freelance yoga classes were delivered in Dubai for those in need as a
Social Service.

Ms Lalitha  completed a formal Teachers Training Program followed by an Advanced Teachers Training Program from Sivananda Yoga organization in 2008. To study more about the human body she took up a course in Osteopathy to become a Certified Manual Osteopath.

People from various ethnic & cultural backgrounds realized the effects of Stress in busy imbalanced lifestyles. So, many Yoga studios were established in Dubai soon after the government started issuing Trade License for Yoga Training studios. Yoga soon turned into a commercial exercise regimen and Spiritual Body Building program. The Mind-Body connect was missing and it
just became a fitness program.

The concept of a traditional yoga studio in Dubai

Like minded yoga practitioners teamed up and decided to break the pattern of teaching ‘Yoga for
WEIGHT-LOSS’. The efforts to bring back the true and traditional Yoga practice led to the
formation of the finest yoga center, ‘Pratimoksha‘ in Dubai. Later in January 2017, Ms. Lalitha
developed an Integrated Yoga course the ‘Enlighten Yoga Center’, and now proudly evolving to
become the top Yoga Studio in Dubai.