Yoga Teacher’s Training Course

From A Common Man’s Perspective:

For many, the word ‘Yoga’ has become almost synonymous to Exercise or an Aerobic practice. For some, it appears to be some ‘way of life’ that brings in a change in the outlook towards life and for some, it is an alternate healing therapy to cope up with their health conditions. There are a few others who consider it as a practice that might open up their ‘chakras’ (or energy vortexes), giving them a mystical experience.

To be fair to all, let us put it this way; ‘Yoga’ is a way of life which includes certain disciplines that help maintain a good Physical Health and a positive mind that helps unleash our hidden potentials, eventually leading to a successful and purposeful life.

Explore the Ancient Science:

Let us try to get a deeper understanding of this ancient Indian science. Yoga Darshana was one of the six ancient Indian Schools of Philosophy, dated back around 2 A.D. Sage. Patanjali (also known as the Father of Ancient Yoga) compiled the science of Social life into a collection of 196 Aphorisms, known as The Pātanjala Yoga Sutra. This is considered as a Holy Book, by all the Yoga, Gurus, Acharyas, Seekers and practitioners of Yoga. The book deals with the nature of mind, the afflictions that cause pain, the remedy practices, the benefits of practices and attainment of emotional freedom. Yoga Asanas is supposed to initiate one into the deeper understanding of oneself. The practice of Yoga is not just a mere set of Exercises but involves various disciplines that help heal the body and mind complex. While it is necessary to keep the body healthy and fit, it is not the Only Practice that an individual must conform to, for achieving higher states.


One month detox workshop after the completion of Asana & Beyond

Each Session of 75 minutes conducted twice a week

The course is derived from the principles of Ayurveda

A safe Detox routine, along with a diet to suit body types

Lecture classes to encourage lifestyle changes

Know more about Ayur Yoga

This is because of our Unique Body Types and therefore, it is necessary to understand who we are and what disciplines we must follow in order to keep ourselves healthy and Active. An integrated approach of Ayur Yoga, helps us understand our body type better, analyze our mind and provide necessary practices for maintaining a balance. Yoga Disciplines are specific to individuals Body Type and Nature of mind. For example, an already active person may not require a rigorous practice of Asanas on a daily basis, but may need practices that calm his mind to carry on his daily routines in a relaxed manner. Whereas, in the case of a lethargic person, a dynamic practice of Asanas is essential along with a diet management.
The Ayur Yoga empowers an individual to understand oneself, modify the lifestyle, the food habits and exercises according to the changes that one may go through, according to the seasonal changes, regional changes and throughout various phases of life. The course includes Assessment of Individual Body-types and providing suitable solutions through detox Routines, diet suggestions, lifestyle changes, specific Asana, pranayama & meditation techniques.

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