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The Pratimoksha Yoga Retreat

Yoga Vacation

Recharge and rejuvenate with our Yoga Vacation programme — in the land where Yoga was born.

Embark on a Transformative Journey

The Pratimoksha Yoga Retreat is a one-of-a-kind week-long programme guaranteed to help you feel rested, rejuvenated and restored. It offers an opportunity to step out of the mundane into a space and time to be with yourself.

Quite obviously there’s plenty of Yoga too!

Our route to wellness in a week includes twice daily Asana (postures) sessions geared towards a fitter you, breath work (Pranayama) to ensure you are nourishing your body right down to the cellular level, and Yoga Philosophy talks and meditation sessions providing plenty of food for thought.

Fitness, exercise and yoga at the beach with a young woman doing spiritual, chakra and zen workout .

Our retreats rest securely on Yoga’s scientifically-proven therapeutic benefits that address the total mind-body-spirit complex. At Pratimoksha we are driven firmly by the belief that to derive the maximum out of Yoga, it should only ever be practised holistically.

We also offer Ayurvedic dietary principles, Chakra healing and other healing modalities so that there is plenty of scope to customize sessions based on the needs of participants.

You can be sure that no two Pratimoksha Yoga Retreats are ever the same.

TBA (To Be Announced)

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TBA (To Be Announced)

While your accommodation and daily meals are part of the package, these are a few things you might want to consider bringing with you.

  • A Yoga mat and Yoga strap
  • Loose and comfortable clothing for Asana practice
  • A water bottle, notebooks, pens and pencils

Terms & Conditions apply to the Pratimoksha Yoga Retreat, and all participants are expected to sign a copy of it at the time of joining. For more information on this, kindly contact Pratimoksha.

What to expect from the retreat?

The Pratimoksha Yoga Retreat offers all the ingredients that help you write your own recipe towards health, vitality, joy and peace.

While we set the pace through a daily schedule, there’s still plenty of time within it for self-reflection and practice. The beauty of a retreat is also the access you have to our team of highly-qualified teachers who can help deepen your journey into Yoga.

All meals are provided and the menu is based on Ayurvedic dietary principles that take into consideration the three doshas or the three energies that constitute the body.

Our Asana routines — twice daily — cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced Yoga practitioners’ needs. These sessions are interspersed with talks on Yoga — its rich and ancient philosophy, the principles and values it sets forth and how Yoga helps us work methodically on our minds and bodies to realise our true and highest potential.

Participants have plenty of opportunities to talk to the teaching team. It could be to gain a better understanding of postures or how to attempt more difficult variations of them, or to clear doubts about Yogic theory and concepts.

For a committed seeker of Yogic knowledge, the Pratimoksha Yoga Retreat is a rare opportunity to soak oneself in the theory and practice of this ancient discipline. Step into our Dubai center for a life-defining experience.

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