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Corporate Yoga – Beyond @work

To support the employees in improving the productivity & wellness, our center offers corporate yoga for professionals from diverse backgrounds.  The benefits of  Yoga include higher job satisfaction, reduce employee stress and anxiety and boost your morale.

Highlights of  Beyond @ work-

3 months course for a group of corporate

Each session of 60 minutes conducted  twice a week

Customized course module to suit corporate from various professional backgrounds

Beyond @ work  includes the practice of strengthening exercises, Breathing and Pranayama along with simple meditation techniques.

Short talks on solutions to handle daily stress,Positive affirmations, mindful eating and other relaxation techniques are an integral part of the course.

Corporate Yoga program is one of its kind designed for tired, fatigued and stressed executives, and is not just an event for the corporate.

“life is a joy when work is a pleasure”