Lalitha Viswanath Yoga trainer

She has nearly two decades of teaching experience, has done her initial trainings from Sivananda Ashram.She is also a certified Manual Osteopathic practitioner, a Pranic Healer, Reiki practitioner. Her in depth knowledge in Ayurvedic philosophy and Yoga Darshana has helped her weave in the  essence of the ancient teachings into the ‘Beyond Courses, our Signature Program which is comprehensive Course for serious seekers of Yogic Disciplines.

More than anything, she is a simple contented happy individual with values to cherish. Lalitha’s endeavor is to impart true Yogic values, not confined to just Asanas, to as many people as possible.

Her wealth of practical experience gained is constantly augmented with knowledge gathered from prolific reading ranging from Anatomy to ancient scripts in philosophy. This has helped benefit a number of students to undertake complete lifestyle transformations. Her mission has seen many a student well on the path of Happiness to Bliss.