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Traditional and Unique Yoga Classes in Dubai

The search for traditional and unique yoga classes in Dubai takes you to ‘Pratimoksha’. What makes us Unique – Yoga More A Lifestyle!

As we all know Yoga is ‘Beyond’ a weight-loss program or a usual Work Out program. It is a way beyond putting yourself in various postures. Yoga is a deep science that involves certain disciplines that integrate the mind into every action. Therefore, YOGA is more of a LifeStyle than just a mere exercise routine.

How Pratimoksha  stand out from other Yoga classes in Dubai

‘Pratimoksha’ is a concept that evolved as a result of years of practice of Yogic Disciplines. The Courses offered at our center have been carefully handcrafted which helps one dive deep into the ocean of Yogic Sciences. Our Courses are well adapted to assist people from various walks of life…

We offer 3 types of Yoga classes in Dubai

A course Based: Our Signature Courses

Our Unique Work Shops: Short-term Course-based 

Specialty Classes: Session-based for specifics