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Our courses are based on learning the Hatha Yoga Asana practices. However, our tailor made premium courses also include specific preparatory exercises that enables safe learning, especially for absolute beginners. The premium courses is structured with an aim to make you totally self assisted in your home practice for the years to come.

Also, once a group commences, we strive to retain the students as a batch to the end of the course.

Yes. As a beginner we progress from Asana & Beyond, on to Prana & Beyond and then on to Dhyana & Beyond. The courses are structured in this way as knowledge and practice of each level maximises the benefit derived from each course.



We believe that classes that are not back to back and complete as a course do not enable the benefits of Yoga to reach the individual. The very basis of Yoga being to introduce a certain discipline and routine in ones life – and this will be defeated through one off or drop in classes.

However, Apart from the courses, we offer membership classes and other programs that help progressively move towards the advanced level of practices.


We have a team of experienced professionals who are capable of efficiently handling Issue based clients, effortlessly.We do have our Therapeutic Yoga Classes which are individually conducted for those who have specific issues. Subsequently, they will be moved to a small group class which will inspire them to move towards a healthier lifestyle.


No worries – as long as we get prior intimation of you missing a class and as long as this is a one off missing of classes, we will extend to you catch up lesson. This will be scheduled 15minutes prior to your next class to assist you to catch up with your group.

In such cases, with prior intimation, the classes can be frozen for a month. You can either join another batch at the same level or take catch up sessions to bring you at par with your group – with whom you began the course with.

We do provide locker facilities for keeping your wallets, mobiles, car keys etc.